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50 grams of the finest quality whole Aniseed leaves.

Anise (Pimpinella anisum also anís and aniseed) is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae native to the eastern Mediterranean region and southwest Asia. Anise is sweet and very aromatic distinguished by its licorice-like flavor.

Anise can be made into a liquid scent and is used for both hunting and fishing. It is put on fishing lures to attract fish.

Culinary Use:
The leaves have a sweet aniseed flavour they are very refreshing to chew and are also nice as a flavouring in salads puddings soups stews etc. When adding to cooked dishes only add the leaves for the last few minutes of the cooking or the flavour will be lost. The aromatic seed is eaten raw or used as a flavouring in raw or cooked foods such as soups pies bread and cakes. A distinctive sweet liquorice flavour its use improves the body’s ability to digest food.

It is used in a wide variety of regional and ethnic confectioneries including Greek stuffed vine leaves (Dolma) British Aniseed balls Australian Humbugs New Zealand Aniseed wheels Italian pizzelle German pfeffernusse and springerle Netherland Muisjes Norwegian knotts and Peruvian Picarones. It is a key ingredient in Mexican “atole de anís” or champurrado which is similar to hot chocolate and taken as a digestive after meals in India.

In Indian cuisine no distinction is made between anise and fennel. Therefore the same name (saunf) is usually given to both of them. Some use the term patli (thin) saunf or velayati (foreign) saunf to distinguish anise from fennel. In Lebanon and Syria boiling water is poured over about a tablespoon of aniseed in a teacup to make a hot tea.

Medicinal Use
Aniseed has a delicious sweet liquorice-like flavour and is a commonly used and very safe herbal remedy that is well suited for all age groups from children to the elderly.

Anise is a mild antiparasitic and its leaves can be used to treat digestive problems relieve toothache and its essential oil to treat lice and scabies. Anise can be used to relieve menstrual cramps.

In aromatherapy aniseed essential oil is used to treat colds and flu.

Aniseed is a particularly useful tonic to the whole digestive system and its antispasmodic and expectorant effects make it of value in the treatment of various respiratory problems. The seed is the part used generally in the form of an extracted essential oil. The essential oil comprises 70 – 90% anethole which has an observed oestrogenic effect whilst the seed is also mildly oestrogenic. This effect may substantiate the herb’s use as a stimulant of sexual drive and of breast-milk production.

The essential oil should not be used internally unless under professional supervision whilst the seeds are best not used medicinally by pregnant women though normal culinary quantities are quite safe[254].

The seed is antiseptic antispasmodic aromatic carminative digestive expectorant pectoral stimulant stomachic and tonic. It is of great value when taken internally in the treatment of asthma whooping couch coughs and pectoral affections as well as digestive disorders such as wind bloating colic nausea and indigestion. Externally it is used to treat infestations of lice scabies and as a chest rub in cases of bronchial disorders. A strong decoction of the seeds can be applied externally to swollen breasts or to stimulate the flow of milk.

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