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Nettle leaves tea is an Herb commonly found in the Mediterranean. Abundant health-giving properties are found in the roots leaves and seeds of the nettle. Nettle provides one of the richest sources of chlorophyll and is a valuable blood builder. It is one of the most powerful iron sources in the vegetable kingdom. Therefore it is a valuable aid for anemia during menstruation to build up iron for fatigue or whenever you feel run down or tired & think of nettles. As nettle is high in iodine it is beneficial for the thyroid gland.

Leaves are a source of histamine which helps to reduce the symptoms in any allergic response including hay fever asthma and sinus. Also serotonin which acts as a neuro-transmitter to the central nervous system and is helpful for relieving stress fear nervousness depression insomnia and eating disorders; and melatonin an antioxidant sometimes referred to as an anti-ageing hormone that may give relief from chronic fatigue syndrome seasonal effect disorder depression and sleeplessness.

Drink nettle as a tea to stimulate the digestive system and encourage weight-loss to stop haemorrhaging (including excess menstruation); to treat ulcers kidney bladder and liver ailments; and to promote milk flow for nursing mothers. Nettle is valuable for strengthening the adrenals. Eating nettles or drinking the tea has been a folk custom to make hair brighter thicker and shinier and the skin clearer and healthier. A healing ointment is prepared by steeping cut nettle leaves in oil.

Use nettle tea for its metal chelating action to remove heavy metals and to detox the body. Sip nettle tea for its benefits as a mild diuretic to relieve fluid retention and to stimulate the lymphatic system. It is also known to eliminate bad breath. Nettles increase excretion of uric acid through the kidneys making them an excellent remedy for gout and all other arthritic conditions. The Herb is used to reduce blood sugar and a tincture of the seed is found to raise thyroid function. The following are nettle tea’s more well-known health benefits:

  • Nettle tea fights coughs tuberculosis and asthma;
  • Nettle tea counters arthritis rheumatism tendonitis and other disorders of the muscles and joints;
  • Nettle tea combats a variety of intestinal disorders;
  • Nettle tea fights skin problems;
  • Nettle tea fights allergies like eczema and hay fever;
  • Nettle tea is used to treat urinary tract infections.
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