Chai Vanilla Tea


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A strong base of India tea, blended with rich warm spices; cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger, all sweetened with vanilla pieces and vanilla essence.

Traditional chai tea is made from a base of black tea mixed with Spices like pepper ginger cinnamon cardamom nutmeg and cloves. The tea is Blended with milk and honey for service to create a sweet creamy beverage. In some parts of the world sugar is used instead of honey and other people like to use dairy alternatives in their chai like soy or rice milk. Milk levels in chai tea also vary widely; some teas have a high milk concentration while others have a higher proportion of tea.

The health benefits of chai tea are debatable depending on precisely what sort of chai is being consumed and how often. In India many people drink chai daily and some demonstrable health benefits have been observed. In other parts of the world ingredient substitutions may detract from the potential health benefits of chai tea although tea in general is good for your health and chai tea certainly isn’t bad for you under most circumstances.

The various Spices in chai have been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries. Both Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine place a high value on Spices in the treatment of a range of conditions:

  • Black tea the base ingredient in chai tea contains antioxidants which can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Antioxidants are also believed to beneficial to heart health and some researchers suggest that they may help prevent cancer as well.
  • Ginger helps to ease sore throats along with cold and flu symptoms and it can also calm an upset stomach.
  • Cloves have traditionally been used as an invigorating Spice and they may promote circulation as well.
  • Cinnamon is a common stimulant while cardamom eases indigestion and helps to calm the consumer.
  • Pepper also promotes healthy digestion. For people who experience indigestion after food a cup of chai might be a great help.
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